This report gives strategic planners, decision makers, and investors a way to go beyond the hype and skepticism and into the forces that will decide when and how fast the market will turn including:

  • A 2-year historic view of battery raw material prices and the events that shaped today’s market
  • 8 major forces that will shape tomorrow’s market
  • An outlook on where the market will be in 2 years
  • A perspective on how to time the market

This new energy economy will emerge and create powerful opportunities for those able to anticipate the market. Enjoy the read.

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Energize your outlook.

Resourcing the New Energy Economy

The promise of the new energy economy is just that: promise. At the same time forecasts show future runaway demand for battery raw materials, most materials fueling the new economy are in over-supply with historically low prices. How do you make sense of a market that is inevitable and transformative on one hand, and underperforming all the same?