Discover how Asia’s economic recovery, the electrification of transport, and other trends are likely to reshape the steel and scrap market in 2021.

What’s inside this complimentary report? 

  • Explore the six macro-economic and steel-specific dynamics that are set to combine to create volatility for steel and scrap markets in Asia and around the globe

  • Understand how these forces will impact different geographies, grades, and alternative metals, from high-grade ore in the Middle East to merchant pig iron in South Korea

  • Get the following charts:
    • Main ferrous scrap importers, 2015-2019
    • Asian construction output forecast by country, 2020-2025
    • Chinese imports of metallics, semis, and ferrous scrap, 2015-2020
    • And more...

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Asia steel and scrap: 
Six key forces 
driving 2021